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What to do in St. Croix
Author Name: Matthew Anton
Date added: July 21, 2010 09:58:03 PM
Category: Regional: Caribbean

St. Croix has emerged as one of Caribbean’s most heavily-toured destinations, attracting thousands of international visitors, every year. It is also the largest of islands among the U.S. Virgin Islands. St. Croix is more famous as a peaceful retreat for people looking for tranquility that is easy to find with the island’s pristine, sandy beaches that have managed to retain an unblemished look. However, this shouldn’t be interpreted as St. Croix being devoid of recreational or adventurous activities. In fact, its lush-green foliage and steep hillsides engulf a host of things that can be pursued. Some of the most recommended options include: Undertake Eco-tour Daytrips It is worth highlighting that in terms of the landscape being blessed with a diverse ecological mix of flora and fauna, St. Croix boasts of the most plentiful resources in the Caribbean. Its natural environment hasn’t been encroached upon by commercial activities. The hiking trails lead into an accessible forest cover that is ideally suited for day-long trips. These tours are particularly recommended for group travelers, family travelers and all those who like the idea of self-exploring a new destination. This provides an opportunity to observe tropical waters of a different kind, i.e. not the expansive beaches but unhindered, waterfall and streams. Visitors can get themselves booked with a camping group and participate in kayaking and hiking. The most popular self-guided, hiking trail exists along the Salt River. Some of the trees here are believed to more than two-centuries old. The native bird species include pelicans, frigates, egrets, sugar birds and hummingbirds. The green foliage is sprinkled with colors of hibiscus, red ginger, bougainvillea and poinsettia. Rare animals spotted here include the endangered giant leatherbacks, geckos and smaller, green sea turtles. Explore Smaller, Unknown Islands Visitors are seriously recommended to look beyond the conventional beachside resorts and explore the smaller islands. These islands are the ideal adventure destination, offering a blend of curiosity and accessibility. Travelers in St. Croix should use the inter-island ferries for commuting to the far-off islands. Some of the islands are often used as impromptu scuba-diving spots. The ferry rides also give a splendid opportunity to explore the coral reefs and shipwrecks. This worthiness of this activity is underlined by the fact that St. Croix has the largest spread of thriving reefs across the Caribbean and boasts of more than five shipwrecks that are spread across its ocean floor—this is why island-hopping is sometimes referred to as ‘treasure-hunting’ by the travel guides. Go ATV Riding This is probably the most unusual, adrenaline-pumping way of discovering the outskirts of St. Croix. Travel companies rent-out All-Terrain-Vehicles or ATVs to visitors for a small amount. ATVs offer a thrilling ride that is incomparable to any mode of urban transport. ATV riders have the freedom to ride across the sandy shores or drive along the lower realms of the nearby hilltops. The most popular ATV routes are present along the historical ruins and the northern shores. Indulge in Scuba-diving St. Croix is truly a watersport enthusiast’s haven, offering a vast range of activities including snorkeling, sailing and scuba-diving. Christiansted is among its most favored beaches from a swimming and snorkeling perspective. This is probably the safest of all beaching options in St. Croix and even first-time divers or non-swimmers can use the rental equipment to stay afloat without bothering to actually swim. Cane Bay is counted among the world’s best scuba-diving spots and at some points, its diving depth is around the 1000-feet mark! Visit Buck Island Water Park The Buck Island Water Park isn't just another maritime water park. It holds the record for being the only underwater national park in the world. Visitors have the option of go diving in the park or hopping aboard a tour-boat and explore the farther reaches of the island. It is popular for its unique, marine-world offerings like sea fan forests, colonies of sea-whips, parrotfish, triggerfish, moray eels and blue tangs. Visitors also get to see bizarre marine hideouts that have been created in the caverns/ledges of centuries-old, sunken ships. Discount Cruises

St. Croix has emerged as one of Caribbean’s most heavily-toured destinations, attracting thousands of international visitors, every year.

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