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Technology used in hearing aids
Author Name: Dona Hertz
Date added: February 16, 2010 06:00:47 AM
Category: Health

Hearing aids have a great role to play in a human being’s life especially when they grow old. The body will go through many changes with the passage of time. It is absolutely normal for a person to find it difficult to hear when they grow old. They become hearing impaired in the later stages of life. There are many other causes for hearing problems too. Hearing aids are the only way to deal with this problem. They may not become completely deaf, but may find it hard to hear faint noises. Most of the people will be devastated to find that they have problems in hearing properly. However, most of the people who are depending on the hearing aids to rectify their hearing problems have concerns about the working of these devices. A good majority of these people are not aware of the technology used in these devices. Even though, hearing aids are in the market for a very long time, the technology used in them is not clear to the users. There were many devices used in the past to rectify the hearing related problems. Most of these devices had similar parts and the working was also similar. With the advancement in technology, these devices also changed. The most significant part of any hearing aid is microphones. They work just like the normal microphones. Their main function is to make the sound louder. The sound that enters the microphone will be converted into digital signals and then converted back into sound with higher volume. Almost all the hearing aids can be customized for the usage of customers. User environment and the type of hearing problem will be taken into consideration when they are customizing the hearing aids. There are hearing aids that even offer directional microphones. The directional microphones will help you to amplify the sounds that are coming from the front and reduce the background noises. Consulting an audiologist before making use of hearing aids is recommended. This will help you in getting help by taking into consideration, the needs of individuals. They will ask you certain questions so that they can find out the best hearing aid for you. The individual needs are given ample importance when they are suggesting the aids. The questions may be related to the types of sounds you are able to hear and the factors that are affecting your hearing capacity. These questions are considered vital as they not only help in finding the hearing aid but also adjusting it. After listening to your problem, the audiologist will suggest a hearing aid that is suitable for you and adjust it according to the specifications like direction of origin of sound and volume. In terms of the technology used, the hearing aids can be converted into three. There are two main types of analog hearing aids, adjustable and programmable hearing aids. The third variety is the digital programmable one. Digital hearing aids are of great demand in the market nowadays. The precision offered by these aids makes them highly sought after. These are the main technologies used in hearing aids. About the Author: Sam Allcock is a specialist in providing hearing aids for all of us.

Hearing aids have a great role to play in a human being’s life especially when they grow old. The body will go through many changes with the passage of time.

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