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Submission Rules & Agreement:

% of the total sites submitted are refused entry to this directory as they do not meet the following guidelines. Please be considerate and only submit your site after reading the following guidelines to make sure it qualifies. The following guidelines may be updated as required therefore your site with unsuitable contents may be refused without any notice.

  1. Only root domain Submission. No deep links. For Example site with is not allowed. For deep link submission a reciprocal link is required.
  2. Site must be submitted to appropriate category. Improper category selection will lead to rejection.
  3. Gambling and Casino sites are not allowed.
  4. Pronographic or Escort site of any kind are not allowed.
  5. Sites that support Racism, Discrimination, Crime, Hatred, Bashing, Drugs, etc are not allowed.
  6. Online Pharmacy, Viagra and other similar sites are not allowed.
  7. "Under Construction" site are not allowed. Your site must be functional at the time of verification.
  8. Site intended for advertisements only or sites with excessive advertisements and little contents are also not allowed.
  9. No Cracks or Warez sites are allowed.
  10. Site with pop-ups are not allowed.
  11. You listing details must not sound spammy and must not be UPPERCASE.
  12. Your site must not have default logo. That means if you're using a script with template, you must modify the default logo of the template to your logo.
  13. Your Site Must be in English. The common language of the Internet. Sites with language other than English must be submitted in the regional directory.
  14. You authorise the admin to modify the site details to meet the guidelines.
  15. Give a general title for your listing rather than using keywords of your site's niche. Listing with repetitive keywords will be declined.
I AGREE with the submission rules and the review waiting time of days.


Featured link
Highly recommended for competitive categories. Only five featured links allowed per categories. Links will be activated within 24 hours of payment. Does not guarantee for an inclusion of a site that violates our guidelines. Price is for one full year after which the link will be converted to a permanent regular link.
Regular link
Current link review time is days days since the submission rate is very high. No deep link submission. Submission must be root domain or root sub-domain. Inner directories and page submission will not be accepted. Consider the featured link option for a faster acceptance.
Reciprocal link
Your submission will be accepted within days if it meets our criteria. Reciprocal link is required for deep link submission.

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