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6 Tips For Those, Who Are Using Dropbox On A Mac
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: August 31, 2011 06:05:22 PM
Category: Blogs: Computer

These days you'll hardly find somebody who doesn't use Dropbox to keep various files always in hand. There are numerous third-party utilities which can work with Dropbox account thus offering you additional benefits of using this online service. One of such utilities is SyncMate, sync tool for Mac OS X computers. SyncMate is especially useful when you need to use your Dropbox account without installing it on this particular Mac thus exposing all its content on it. SyncMate allows you to sync data between this Mac and Dropbox account in a secure and fast way without even opening your Dropbox account in a web browser. Read the tips below to find out how to fully benefit from SyncMate plus Dropbox combo. Tip # 1. Sync what you want. With SyncMate installed on your Mac you can store contacts and calendars, Entourage and Mail notes, Safari Bookmarks and ToDos in your Dropbox account. Just sync this data between Mac and Dropbox using SyncMate and it will be stored in special files in your Dropbox account. Besides mentioned above personal data, SyncMate also allows syncing images, videos, music and folders between Mac and Dropbox account. Tip # 2. Get access to your personal data from any spot on the globe. Once your personal data is synced from your Mac to Dropbox account, you can easily access it from any other Mac with SyncMate installed on it. For example, if you have synced your Mac desktop calendar to Dropbox, all appointments can be easily added to your MacBook Pro calendar even if you are thousands of miles away from your desktop Mac - just sync them. Tip # 3. Sync data with several Dropbox accounts simultaneously. With SyncMate you can sync data between Mac and several Dropbox accounts - just connect any quantity of Dropbox accounts to SyncMate and sync all of them simultaneously. E.g. this can be very handy if you need to share files with your colleagues - in such case files you are syncing with several Dropbox accounts will be automatically added to users' Dropbox folders, they won't need to download them. Tip # 4. Sync automatically. SyncMate allows syncing data between your Mac and Dropbox account automatically. Just set the sync settings once and they will be applied during following sync processes. For example, you can set SyncMate to sync data every X minutes, X hours or X days. Tip # 5. Sync safely. No need to worry about data safety when syncing it between your Mac and Dropbox with SyncMate. Firstly, you are logging in to your Dropbox account via HTTPS channel. Secondly, you can protect your data with passwords before syncing it to your Dropbox account. So, as you can see, no need to worry that the data you are syncing with SyncMate can be viewed by anyone but you. Tip #6. Sync faster. Let's imagine - you have a Dropbox account with 50GB data in it. But you need to sync the only one folder between your Mac and Dropbox account. SyncMate will save your time as it syncs only the data, you need to be synced instead of updating the whole Dropbox folder with all 50GB of files you have in it to find which file was added, deleted or edited. BTW, SyncMate allows syncing your Mac with Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia S40 phones, other Mac and PC computers, iPhones, iPods, iPads, Google accounts, mounted storage devices, Sony PSP, and offers its own online storage for backing up data. All of you are welcome to download SyncMate Free edition for evaluation. SyncMate is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. SyncMate, Dropbox sync Mac

Dropbox becomes more popular each day and gains millions of users all over the world. This article reveals 6 hints for those, who are using Dropbox on Mac.

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