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Using Keywords in Your Website
Author Name: AuroINSEO
Date added: March 24, 2011 04:40:32 AM
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The base for the whole search engine optimization exercise is set in the keywords that are associated with your website. First of all you must have a set of keywords that your probable customers or prospects might look for. Once you have your set of keywords you may think of how to optimize your keywords so that you benefit the most in terms of traffic at your website. There are some facts you must know when you prepare your keywords list: 1.In order to frame a list of very effective keywords, you should be able to understand your customers the best. You also have to understand the ways or phrases that they may use to find what they want. 2.You have to understand the patterns in which your customers may use keywords for search. 3.The keywords you select should then be tested for relevance with search engines. If the keywords you selected are widely used on search engines, your job is done. In order to benefit the most from your SEO exercise, you should make sure that you include even such keywords that are least expected but would hit on target. For example, when a customer searches for a bicycle on a search engine using “bicycle” as the keyword, probably there will be thousands of results for the search. You must think about how to include keywords that are similar but are pronounced differently or even wrongly by surfers. How to include keywords that relate with your product You may try using “by-cycle”, “cycle”, “bike” or even “byk” as the keyword, and probably benefit more than using the correct word or spelling. This is because different people use keywords differently for finding things on the web, because of cultural differences. There might be hundreds of websites that use the word “bicycle”, where as there may be few takers for the word “byk”. How to optimize your keywords Make sure you use your keywords with appropriate keyword density in your articles. Too many keywords pushed up in an article are as good as a disaster, so choose and use your keywords judiciously. Spend enough time on keyword research and identifying the patterns in which prospects look for products or services on the web. If you learn how to optimize your keywords or using them for online marketing of your website, you can not only improve your web traffic but also see a sharp increase in your sales. For more information about SEO Marketing Services , please visit and also visit our blog

The base for the whole search engine optimization exercise is set in the keywords that are associated with your website.

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