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Should it be Wildlife Kenya Safaris or just a Lay
Author Name: Henry
Date added: March 17, 2010 08:28:50 AM
Category: Blogs: Travel

There is no clear cut decision on whether to head straight to a beach resort in Kenya or stay on at a wildlife resort somewhere in one of the game reserves for those seeking a short getaway. Here is my advice. Last season as we sat in my office with a regular couple accompanied by their two teenage children whom after a thirty minutes presentation that covered the game reserves and beach resorts they ended up not taking up any of the holiday packages on offer. Most family vacation seekers find it tough to decide the next vacation whist in Kenya, unlike in Europe where it’s either a cruise ship or back packing in Greece; you are spoilt for choices in Kenya. Most young couples will opt for the beach rather than purchase safari boots and head for the bush. A sun screen for an insect repellant spray. Middle age couples seeking a cross between adventure and serene getaway on the other hand are registering more of the game safari option since they now have star beds in some lodges where you gaze at the stars at night in the luxury of your own mobile tent. The older folks are happy in their sun bathing suits. Families with teen children are lost and will not make a vacation holiday decision together, so they will upgrade the family car instead. If you had a six days holiday window in Kenya here is what experts would call a perfect getaway solution. You can never do it all in Kenya unless your uncle just discovered crude oil, or you are unlucky to have wed an English premier soccer star. If you have been on a safari in Kenya, which most likely you have, then don’t just spent your all six days on a hammock somewhere south of Mombasa, try Lamu islands or go on and see what they got to offer off the coast on Zanzibar. Shimba hill is a perfect side trip. If you are really up for some adventure and want to see some game get to Mombasa and on the forth day take on a one night drive up Shimba rain forest, overnight at one of the value game lodges and experience the wildlife and some good food away from the lobster they insist on the menu in the menu. Some three nights at the coast is very good value if you chose the right beach accommodation joint. Here are some accommodation options to make it easier for your next planning. If you are a budget traveler, the beach cottages which are ever in very high demand are very good value. At Diani or Tiwi beach Capricho and Maweni beach cottages top of the list. They offer you a self-catering option complete with a gas cooker, a fridge, a microwave and curtly, just bring in the groceries. If cooking is not your type of holiday plan not in an option for you, try the Swahili menu at the restaurant. Too bad if room BH 708 at the two storeys block overlooking the beach is taken. From here rent a bike or go fishing and mingle at the market if you don’t feel like a round of golf at the leisure beach golf club. Mombasa’s Diani beach is haven for most, the laze culture due to the humid condition - I think, makes it a perfect destination. The locals are never in a hurry, so be patient at the restaurant when you order your ice tea. I noticed with my rush rush culture I will never get anywhere, so slow down and accept the pace. Buy a yo yo if you wish or engage a local fisherman in a conversation, they know president Obama well. They say life in Lamu is ten times slower than the Caribbean. The “Lazymograph” has registered readings as low as -80 compared to readings for Miami at 510. One of the most active cities in the world. They discourage TV and Cell Phones, sighting a disruption of the ‘modern’ life they got. You will be happy you did not bring your laptop. It’s my observations that most Italians will prefer the beach, they even almost own the whole of Malindi beach north of Mombasa, very few will take up a safari north, Spanish will give anything to live in the bush, stay at the campfire listening to the African night sounds. No one knows why and I don’t understand either. So, if you are the active type you will enjoy the first two nights in Lamu. My advice, RUN on the third before the bug bites. You will be happy to have ended up in Laikipia as there is plenty for the active type. Horse riding, abseiling, rafting on grade 4 rapids, cycling and fly camping on camel backs along the Uaso Nyiro river. If you just got retired as the CEO of a multinational. Take a seven nights booking at Kizingo Lodge and you will be happy you read this print. Oh! Don’t come alone.

There is no clear cut decision on whether to head straight to a beach resort in Kenya or stay on at a wildlife resort somewhere in one of the game reserves for those seeking a short getaway. Here is my advice.

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