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Sail Boats VS Power Boats
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: February 08, 2011 01:59:44 AM
Category: Recreation & Sports: Hobbies

The term “boat” draws with it immediate images of water, bathing-suits, fishing gear, and just good times in general. The feeling of being on a boat and sailing over the water, occasionally getting spritzed with a cascade of water droplets as the boat plunges downward into a wave is hard to get over. Once you’ve experienced it with someone else, it’s only natural to want to go out and get your own boat. When you start researching just the right boat, it won’t take long to discover that there are many types of boats out there. Yachts, house boats, speed boats, bass boats, sailboats—which one is right for you? Generally speaking, most of us have to scratch the first two right out of the option list (due to lack of money or lack of water area). That leaves us with the latter options, which can basically be broken down into two main categories: sail boats and power boats. Neither of these types of boats are intrinsically better than one another. However, they do each have their own separate appeal, depending on your desires for your boating experience. Sail Boats (“sailboats”) A sailboat is basically exactly what it sounds like: it is a boat propelled by sails, either fully or partially. Most of us are rather familiar with what these boats look like (especially after Johnny Depp made Pirates of the Caribbean such a huge hit). The wind blows through the sails, pushing the boat forward. The physics are similar to that of why planes fly, but we’ll save that discussion for a later time. Just as with other boat types, these majestic looking flotation devises come in a variety of sizes. The best way to determine which size is right for you is to first consider the size of the body of water you’ll be using it on. The “Flying Dutchmen” might be your cup of tea, but your local lake probably won’t appreciate the beast hogging all the water (and good luck getting it in the lake). Likewise, it’s not recommended to bring your 10 foot sail boat out on the Pacific, either. Some say there is nothing like the freedom and sense of self-reliance offered by controlling a sailboat. There’s something about harnessing the wind to navigate the water that truly seems to become ingrained in our souls. You simply have to do it to understand. Power Boats (“powerboats”) Powerboats are those propelled by motors--outboard, inboard, and inboard-outboard. Just as with sailboats, powerboats come in all sorts of sizes: Yachts, house boats, speed boats, bass boats, deep V’s, pontoon, and so on. You’ll want to spend some time determine the right boat for your needs, including the right motor size. If you just plan on trolling, for instance, you might want a deep V, but you don’t necessarily need a 200HP motor on the back end of it. Don’t think that just because you won’t have the wind at your sails, your experience will be any less gratifying on a powerboat. If you plan on skiing or tubing, powerboats are generally the way to go. There are countless people who enjoy powerboats every weekend, regardless of weather, and they wouldn’t take a second glance at a sailboat if it fell in their lap. Truly, neither of these boats is better than the other. It’s all a matter of taste and what you plan on using the boat for. Moreover, one thing to remember is that they each have their own upkeep requirements and costs (if that inboard goes down, it’s not going to fix itself). Be sure to look at what it takes to store and maintain each type before you settle on one or the other. The best boat is the one you use. Regardless of what boat type you pick—sail or power—you can find what you’re looking for on boat classifieds, Sell Your Boat

When you start researching just the right boat, it won’t take long to discover that there are many types of boats out there. The main choice is usually between power and sail.

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