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Illusions - Things You Need To Know
Author Name: inhfo23
Date added: February 07, 2011 02:55:00 AM
Category: Entertainment: Games

Our contemporary world is full of mysterious things. A number of them can't be explained even by scientific experts. Others represent a range of illusions. World of illusions is wide, not many people possess deep knowledge about it. Everyone has noticed that when a spoon is dropped into water it seems to be broken, though in objective reality it is not. There is a great range of other similar optical illusions. Observing various kinds of illusions is a great way of spending time for people with inquisitive mind. An optical illusion is characterized by images perceived visually that differ from what they are in object reality. An eye gathers info that is processed by brain. As a consequence we get a percept that does not correspond to what is really displayed. The sorts of the optical illusions are different according to the object that forms this visual illusion. For example, literal illusions create images that differ from the objects that formulate them. You have probably observed such pictures where at first you notice a certain object, but if you look attentively you acknowledge that this picture is created with the use of other objects. An example of such literal optical illusion is a figure-grounded vase. Such images are commonly called ambiguous pictures. It is sometimes really difficult to notice another picture on the same image. Physiological visual illusions have a certain effect on our brain and eyes and in result we obtain an illusion of different parameters – color, brightness, movement, size. For instance, there are pictures where some objects seem to be of different size or color, when in objective reality they are the same. Visual illusion of Muller-Lyer with arrows is a good example of this kind of optical illusions. Cognitive optical illusions make the mind made incorrect conclusions from what our eyes observe. These are paradoxical and impossible things like Penrose triangle and impossible stairs, and hallucinations as well. Optical illusions represent an excellent entertainment for all the people. Furthermore, they help us to have a look at our world from the other side. As a consequence our mind will get flexible that will certainly assist you in life.

The article is dedicated to the description of optical illusions and stereo photos. Much attention is paid to the process how to watch stereograms and other optical illusions.

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