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Author Name: parneet384
Date added: October 26, 2009 04:17:19 PM
Category: Computers & Internet: Anti-Virus

The most important thing which most of the system users are skeptic about is, whether the free antivirus software is better or the paid ones? As a matter of fact, some of the vendors offer free trial versions but paid full versions; some may provide you even full versions free of cost; and various other will provide you full antivirus software for some bucks. Here arises a heap of questions. Which product should be bought and which not? Which one is the efficient and best among hundreds of antivirus products available on internet? The answer to these questions may vary from one individual to other but here’s an explanation to the answers that’ll astound you. An Antivirus Wizard is a tool that helps you to monitor whether the system has been infected with some viruses or not. Latest Antivirus Software works on the principle of matching the signatures of the viruses stored in their database, with those present in your system files. There are websites which provide free antivirus comparison table displayed on their webpage. Products are ranked on the basis of their features and characteristics in the best antivirus table. The best virus protection tool is always given on the top. Therefore, it’s suggested to go with the product at numero uno position. It’s also true that the best antivirus comparison cannot be made in terms of their pricing index or in terms of their brand names. If you actually want to check the credibility of the antivirus that you downloaded or bought, the only way is to install it and run it thereby considering the parameters like system speed and software’s efficiency in finding out each virus by deep scanning. The things to be kept in mind during the installation of an antivirus are to be dealt with sheer seriousness. One shouldn’t install more than one antivirus in a system because if you do install more than one, then your system speed is bound to die. This can be explained on the fact that all the antivirus softwares in a single system tend do deal with each other thereby making the scanning process of the system to get slower and slower. This will also further hamper the system’s start up speed and ultimately the life of PC damps do doom. So, don’t become scapegoats by the free antivirus comparisons showcased by many websites, but rather you try one yourself and make the decisions. Free antivirus reviews and best antivirus reviews should be dealt with utter cunningness followed by practical applications and solutions to make your PC healthy forever

The best virus protection tool is always given on the top. Therefore, it’s suggested to go with the product

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