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Online Marketing Strategy - Be Diligent, Be Real
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: January 07, 2011 05:02:22 PM
Category: Blogs: Internet

The time you invest in your online marketing strategy can have big payoffs for your business as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Engage and Be Real One of the most important parts of online marketing, especially via social media, is to avoid coming across as a marketing robot. If every tweet, Facebook post, or blog from your business serves to push products, people are likely to feel pressured and lose interest. Rather than always promoting, aim to engage with customers in real time. “@” reply people on Twitter, respond to comments on your business blog and Facebook page, and post status updates that communicate the presence of real people behind your brand. Keep An Eye on Your Brand People talk about their favorite brands all over the web, and everything that’s said can have an impact on business. It’s important to keep on top of search engine results associated with your brand as well as reviews on sites like Yelp. Searching your brand on Twitter will also give a clearer picture of what people are saying, what they like and don’t like, and what they’re sharing with friends. Having a good idea of the overall online reputation of your business is important, especially if it becomes necessary to do damage control. Research & Respond If you do discover negative comments or feedback about your business, look into the situation. Contact the author of the comments if possible and see if a positive solution can be reached. This kind of personal interaction shows customers that your business cares about their needs and can keep a bad review from becoming a marketing disaster. Being diligent will also keep you aware of customer demands. Listening to customers is one of the best ways to improve a marketing strategy. If many people ask for the same thing, it makes sense to consider how their suggestions may benefit your business in the future. Offer Exclusive Deals Customers love a bargain, and being part of an exclusive group makes it that much better. Offering occasional percent-off sales or coupon codes only to people who follow your social media profiles or subscribe to your mailing list gives customers an incentive to engage in these services. The more people who follow your business, the bigger the potential reach of the network. Happy customers means more positive feedback and a boost to online reputation. Social media marketing is budget-friendly with the added benefit of giving you a real-time way to monitor what customers are saying about your business and reply accordingly. By engaging with customers, you can build a lasting relationship that will aid in the growth of your business as social media use continues to expand Online Marketing, Online Marketing Strategy

In today’s competitive business market, it’s essential to have a good online marketing strategy. Between the Internet and mobile devices, social media is a trend that continues to grow.

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