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Invest bhubaneswar - A new breed
Author Name: AuroINSEO
Date added: December 18, 2010 07:16:05 AM
Category: News & Media: History

Invest Bhubaneswar; if we have to use a four letter word without being rude, is Public, Private People's Partnership. People who have come together in "Invest Bhubaneswar" are not looking for branding themselves – actually it is the other way round. It is to brand Bhubaneswar City and give it a permanent seat in the World Economic Map. The vision & strategy advisory team sat together to brainstrorm, before the team proposed to depart to Palo Alto, as to what this group of people should seek? Thus came up the Invest Bhubaneswar's Vision – "to play a catalytic role in linking multiple stakeholders across the globe and projecting Bhubaneswar as a stable and dependable partner" and its mission "to access more markets for Bhubaneswar’s Industries, and create B2B opportunities". Invest Bhubaneswar would act on behalf startups, micro and medium enterprises/industries. Invest Bhubaneswar leverages the team' synergies to take Bhubaneswar economic relations to new levels, across the entire spectrum of economic & social cooperation from agriculture to manufacturing; from services to knowledge based industries; from nanotechnology to FDI; from infrastructure to the setting up of SEZs; from promoting Tourism to preserving Heritage. It was mutually agreed that each team member would bring one goal this group should achieve and the amalgamations of these would then emcompass as to what this group would embark on. What emerged was deeper clarity as to what Invest Bhubaneswar actually planned to achieve i.e. Providing facilitation services for investment into Bhubaneswar; Supporting progress of Bhubaneswar’s industry in trade, investment and related issues; Accessing technologies for development of industries in Bhubaneswar; Fostering professionalism and competitiveness; Providing policy inputs to the State & National Government; Promoting global connectivity for Bhubaneswar industries; Creating ground support for Bhubaneswar industries in different countries through linkages; Developing market access for Bhubaneswar’s exporters; Providing policy inputs to State and National government ; Building people-to-people contacts with countries to enhance trade; Promoting Brand Bhubaneswar and Brand Odisha; Networking facilitation services with like minded start up firms. A new breed of pro-business, pro-reform has finally taken shape. This initiative by Invest Bhubaneswar is supported by SEO service provider – AuroIN LLC.

Invest Bhubaneswar; if we have to use a four letter word without being rude, is Public, Private People’s Partnership.

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